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Please find listings for the leading bicycle shops in Hong Kong. These bike shops offer a wide range of products including mountain and road bikes, biking gear, accessories and clothing.

Bicycle Stores Hong Kong

For some biking enthusiasts in HK, a bike shop is often just a place where you drop your bike off to be repaired or serviced, or where you stop in to pick up a new piece of biking clothing. But things have changed dramatically on the bike scene as the sport increases in popularity in Hong Kong. The leading bike shops in the city organize biking excursions throughout Hong Kong which you can join. This puts you in touch with like-minded expats and locals with whom you can explore HK while exercising your peddling passion.

Whether you prefer mountain biking or road biking, are a beginner cyclist or a competitive rider, you’ll be able to find a group in Hong Kong that suits your energy level and ability. Although there is an active road biking community in HK, the streets and highways are very busy and can be dangerous so most expats gravitate towards the mountain biking scene in Hong Kong.

Blessed with massive amounts of park spaces and mountains with some serious views of the Hong Kong harbour and other spectacular sea-side vistas, Hong Kong is actually one of the best places in the world for mountain bikers. HK has a huge range of trails throughout the territory including many adventure rides that involve an easy ferry journey to one of the outlying islands including Lantau, Lamma, Mui Wo and others. The Sai Kung Country Park is another favourite with both novice and pro-level mountain bikers.

If you are shopping for a new mountain or road bike, or servicing your existing bike, be sure to ask the bike shop about meet-ups and various other biking options in Hong Kong. Alternatively, jump onto our Ask an Expat HK fitness forum for advice. If you are in the market for a quality used bike in HK, check out our classifieds cycling channel where you will find some outstanding prices on used bikes.