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Savvy Style, The Image Advisor provides image, style and fashion advice to women, men and teenagers wishing to look their best. We help you get more value and flexibility out of your wardrobe, so you look great and feel comfortable. Understanding why particular colours look good on you and why certain styles and fabrics flatter your body shape will ensure you always look your best.

When you know what suits you shopping is faster and you don't waste money on clothes you never wear. We have a range of consultations including our new 'Colour Me Confident' consultations. These consultations feature our new book, 'Colour Me Confident', which is packed full of information and personalized just for you.

Our Colour Analysis will show you your most flattering colours to wear and in our Style Consultation we review your clothing, hairstyles, glasses and how to dress to look your best all the time. The Wardrobe Weeding includes going through your wardrobe and helping you select what suits you with suggestions on how to organize. We’ll take you shopping too!

Contact us and let us show you how to put your wardrobe together so you can get dressed easily, quickly and always look good!

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