Eardley-Flower by Chisa

Flower by Chisa provides beautiful preserved flower arrangements. ''Preserved flowers'' last two to three years making them an ideal gifts that are perfect for your home or work place.

They look beautiful and last a long time compared to fresh flowers!

Our designs are ideal for restaurants and offices. We have a range of services that allow you to rotate the designs on a monthly schedule ensuring your customers see new great designs when they visit or for you to enjoy at home. We specialise in designing arrangements to your exact specification and offer great value for our commercial and private customers alike.

We look to tailor our services to your needs, so please contact us directly through our website or email to discuss how we can can find a creative solution to your flower and gift requirements.

Flower by Chisa also provide a range of flower courses teaching you how to make preserved flower designs from beginner to advanced level. For parties of three or more we can come to your location at home or the office to take the class, or here in Tung Chung for smaller groups.

Please visit our website or Facebook page for our latest news and details on our gifts, corporate customers, flower lessons and more.