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BUTCHER.HK is an online meat selling platform that offers premium frozen and chilled meat in cartons at the best prices. We are backed by Sutherland Gastronomy, a leading luxury meat purveyor, and Meat Lab Hong Kong, the first sophisticated meat processing plant in the region, to provide a consistent high quality meat supply to every customer.

We, BUTCHER.HK, assure to offer our customers a peace of mind in purchasing and consuming meat knowing that our offerings are carefully selected.

Our meats are globally sourced from clean, sustainable farmers and ranchers where animals graze freely on pasture and are humanely handled. Most of our meats are processed with guarantee No Added Antibiotics and No Added Hormones.

Our meats are delivered on-demand in Hong Kong to your door by coordinating with Kerry Logistics. Our temperature controlled warehouses and distribution service ensure a maximum level of quality and hygiene in products.