• Address

    Floor 1911

    Hundsun International Center

    44 Heung Yip Road

    Wong Chuk Hang

    Hong Kong

  • Phone 26823027
We are seafood lovers and since 2014 we have been exporting sustainable European seafood from the northern part of Europe to the hotels and restaurants in Hong Kong and Macau. Nowadays, together with our partners, we supply over 7 countries in Asia with fresh and fresh-frozen seafood.

Since 2014, the heart and soul of our seafood operations has been our Hong Kong office. In 2017, we started to bring in extra fish species for our friends and families, to let them also enjoy European freshness at affordable prices. A standard selection, vacuum-packed, top-quality and only available on Fridays was the key to keep the prices affordable and see happy friends every week coming back with other friends who wanted to join the group.

With our Seafood Friday platform, we can make our group of friends bigger and more efficient, and since we partner with our trusted local partners, you can receive your fish and seafood home delivered by one of the cold trucks that drives around Hong Kong.