Mareta is the manufacturer of custom ribs 6m and above, plus the exclusive dealer for Australian build Polycraft boats. We hold stock of 3-meter & 4.1-meter dinghies in Hong Kong. Please visit our website for more information and specifications.

INSIGHT: The Australian built 3.00 Tuff Tender was originally designed for use as a tender for larger craft and is a popular choice in this category as polyethylene is not abrasive against gel coated and painted surfaces.

The ever popular 3M Tuff Tender is the first model in the Polycraft range to receive the Aquathene treatment and has shed an amazing 18kg.

This great little dinghy now weighs just 75kg, can still accept a 15hp outboard and comes with a four year warranty.

Due to the Tuff Tender's awesome stability and safety attributes born from its dual skin and tri hull design, it has become an increasingly accepted option for a marina tender & workboat or as a small fishing boat for protected waterways and freshwater impoundments. The durable and sun resistant nature of the material also makes it perfect for HK weather.