Please find below listings for Hong Kong’s leading wedding dress shops. These HK wedding gown designers and retailers provide a wide selection of wedding gowns from designer dresses to custom-tailored gowns, with options to fit all budgets. These shops can generally are able to assist with alterations.


Have you been to just about every wedding dress shop in HK, yet you are still searching for your dream dress for your wedding day that is fast approaching? Don’t give up because we have some tips to help you find the perfect dress for your big day.

Altering a Wedding Dress

Don’t get overly concerned about the initial fit of the gown. Have the shop consultant assist you by pinning and clipping the dresses you try on to give you a better idea what the finished product will look like. Remember, you are in Hong Kong – the city where you can purchase a custom-tailored suit or outfit and pick it up the next day! If you mostly love a dress but want a few things changed, such as adding beading or sleeves, anything is possible. Once you have rough-fitted the dress and like what you see, bring it to a professional tailor in Hong Kong who specializes in women’s wear and alter the dress to fit you perfectly.

Custom-Designed and Fitted Wedding Dresses

You might consider avoiding buying your dress off the rack altogether because custom-fitted dresses are affordable in Hong Kong. You get to choose the fabric, the cutting and all other aspects of the design ensuring that you get the exact dress you want and you look incredible at your wedding! If you see an amazing dress in a wedding magazine, bring it to the tailor and tell them ‘I want this.’ That is what my wife did and she was absolutely thrilled with the result! You will need to schedule a number of fittings before getting the perfect final dress so if you go for a custom wedding gown, be sure not to leave this to the last minute.

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