What's wrong with my cat?



Posted by spunkycat18 6 mths ago
A foreign friend of mine has to return to his home country permanently to take over his family business, so he decided to leave his cat with me. I love cats, but the last time I ever had one as a pet was when I was about 17 years old. I don’t remember much, since I had to move out of town for college when I turned 18 and left Rocco with my parents. My new cat Spunky, has been vomiting a lot lately, despite having normal appetite and temperature. What’s wrong with him? Immediately after eating, he vomits, but looks and acts fine after. I’m feeding him Blue Buffalo protein grain-free natural cat food for adult cats. It’s the one my friend has been feeding him ever since he got older.


harrytsuenwan 6 mths ago
Ask the owner what is favorite his cats meals...dont pushed given meals that will make the cats vomits...if not food problem then give the cat sunshine every morning...my experience from take care 20 cats...lol

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