Itchy puppy poodle



POSTED BY 190k (8 yrs ago)
we just adopted a two month old puppy poodle from a friends litter. He seems to be always scratching and nibbling itchy parts all over his body. Also after I play with him I get inchy as well for hours or until I have a shower. I checked and can't find any fleas, ticks etc would it be ok to get a flea collar for him? How to stop the itching?


Devon (8 yrs ago)
Take him to a vet. Since you can't find fleas etc, he could have any number of problems that only a vet could fix.

190k (8 yrs ago)
He has not had his jabs yet so don't want to take him out of the house

Pumpkin Girl (8 yrs ago)
You're going to have to take him to the vet to get his jabs done, and at 2 months he's old enough to start, so do both at once. Your other alternative is to get a vet to do a housecall. There could be so many reasons why he is itching and making you itch, that you need an expert to see him to be sure.

HongKongDogRescue (8 yrs ago)
You can take an unvaccinated dog out as long as you don't put it on the ground. How often are you washing your puppy? Most people shampoo too often and it dries the skin and makes it itchy.

190k (8 yrs ago)
We've had him three weeks and bathed him twice. He had his jabs last weekend and now in in a groomers getting treated so hopefully that will help. It bothers me as I get itchy all over and it feals like fleas jumping n me. My wife gets nothing like that

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