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As dog owners ourselves, pets mean the world to us. With this being said, everyone needs their time away from work or the city, but it shouldn't be at the expense of your pet. Whether you're going away, staying out late, or a workaholic who can't leave the desk, rest assured Bee and I will meet and exceed both the owner's and pet's needs. Whether it be last-minute walks or unusual schedules, we have you covered.

We may provide several services such as daily dog walks or overnight stays. Our focus is on your pet's mental, physical, social and emotional health. We offer different packages depending on the age and needs of your pet. Please see below:

A. Basic Overnight Stay: 1 walk per day of at least 30mins, with a morning and evening bathroom breaks, food and treats provided by owner.

B. Active Program Overnight Stay: 2 walks per day of at least 30mins, 30 min. of interactive play periods either with us or other dogs depending on breeds, food and treats provided by owner.

C. Exclusive Program Overnight Stay: 2-3 walks per day of at least 30mins, (2) 30min interactive periods either with us and/or other dogs depending on breeds, daily updates, food and treats provided by owner or by us, grooming provided prior to pick up.

D. Daily Dog Walks (no overnight stays): rates dependent on number of times per day. Min. 30min walk which includes time for normal pee/poo periods.

House Rules:
1. Please provide all medical allergies and physician's contact information in case of an emergency.
2. Please provide all food and treats clearly labeled with doses to be consumed per day. Normally we shall feed the pets 100grams (i.e.: small dogs) or 250grams (i.e.: active/larger dogs) every morning and evening if not specified by owners.
3. Please fill out our contact information table prior to your departure
4. Cleanliness and good hygiene is very important to us, we therefore request your pet to be washed prior to his arrival. We also offer grooming for an additional charge if your are experiencing scheduling conflicts.
5. Rates are subject to selected packages as seen above with the addition of any special needs necessary.

Feel free to message us for a quotation and we can't wait to care for your little or big one.


slcchan96 (11 mths ago)
Hi, I'd like a quote for dog walking. 2-3 times a day, each for half hour in Fairview Park, Yuen Long, for an 8 month old Rottweiler weighing 35kg with permanent hind left leg damaged/broken. He is currently in my foster but I won't be available to look after him myself until 21st Jan, also during mid-Feb when I will be giving birth. He has never been trained for anything so ideally someone with more experience. Look forward to your quote. Thanks, Samantha

SecondHomeForPets (11 mths ago)
Good Afternoon Samantha,

We would love to care for and perhaps help train your little guy on some basic principles along the way, but unfortunately Bee and I are completely booked until the 24th of January. We do have openings to accommodate you in mid-February if you are able to provide more exact dates.

Yours truly,


LittleLamb (10 mths ago)
Are you free after 24 Jan to do daily walks in the Tai Hang area? Would need the services for at least 3 weeks.

Please let me know.


SecondHomeForPets (10 mths ago)
Hello Rachel,

We would gladly like to help out with your furry friend please send us an email at for full details and reservation

Hope to hear from you soon

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