Paris descends into chaos (watch)



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Police have deployed tear gas and water cannons against firecracker-hurling Yellow Vest protesters in Paris. Some 200 arrests have been made and 92 people injured amid the mayhem, triggered by fuel price hikes and high taxes.

December 1 rallies are being held with the slogan “on the way to Macron’s resignation.” As the unrest gained momentum, the area close to the iconic Champs-Elysees avenue has been covered by thick smoke.


Ed (8 days ago)
France fuel protests: Tear gas fired in clashes in Paris


Ed (6 days ago)
Never before have I seen blind anger like this on the streets of Paris

I have never seen the kind of wanton destruction that surrounded me on some of the smartest streets of Paris on Saturday – such random, hysterical hatred, directed not just towards the riot police but at shrines to the French republic itself such as the Arc de Triomphe. The 12-hour battle went beyond violent protest, beyond rioting, to the point of insurrection, even civil war.

Ed (3 days ago)
France Deploys 89,000 Cops Amid Fears Of Yellow Vest Rebellion On Saturday

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