Tiger’s tale of redemption (Tim Noonan)



Posted by Ed 3 mths ago
Of course, you and I, well we would have handled things differently. You and I, we would have embraced our stratospheric fame in a gregarious, philanthropic manner.

We would have used it to further world peace, reduce global warming, patch up that damn hole in the ozone and put an end, once and for all, to poverty and misery. We wouldn’t have been aloof and imperious, either.

No, we would have had time for everybody and we most certainly would not have wasted that kind of transcendent talent by being a soulless, corporate pitchman and serial philanderer recklessly indulging in a steady diet of cocktail waitresses and nightclub hostesses.

Of course not, so let’s all sit here today and pass judgment one more time on Tiger Woods just for the sheer sport of it.

When Tiger sunk the longest short putt of his career on the 18th hole at Augusta this weekend to seal his fifth Masters and first major championship in 11 years, it was immediately branded the greatest comeback story in the history of professional sports, and who am I to argue.



Ed 3 mths ago

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