Looking for native Mandarim speaking tutor

Posted by lingshan 3 yrs ago
Hi, I am looking for a native Mandarim tutor to teach my twin boys aged 6 to read/write Chinese. They have some knowledge of Mandarim and currently in P1 local school. University Students are welcome.


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mmdr3721 3 yrs ago
Have you found a tutor yet? If not, I love to recommend our wonderful Chinese tutor Julie to you. You can find the info you need on the website below: https://sites.google.com/site/cityfunchinese/home

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LMJC 3 yrs ago
Hi my daughter is currently studying at HKU. She has some experience with tutoring young children! She is a native English speaker but fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin as well! She studied at a local school until F2 before transferring to an international school. She is a LPCUWC graduate IB42. Whatsapp me 90123311 to discuss further is necessary! Many thanks!

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yinchan 3 yrs ago
Hi I am an experienced Mandarin tutor and have around 2 years of experience in teaching young children in a small group setting. Please feel free to contact me via 5939 4990 if you want more details.

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AndyWONG8 3 yrs ago
Hi I'm a university student and I'm from mainland China. I almost have no accent. I'm friendly, active and patient. Teaching or speaking with kids is a happy thing to me. You can contact me via WhatsApp: 62296816

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