Looking for a Math private tutor

Posted by garlailam 3 yrs ago
Looking for a private tutor to teach an 8 years boy in primary 6 to secondary school level mathematics during summer holiday, University student with private tutor experience or secondary teacher is welcome.

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Gleb 3 yrs ago

My name is Gleb, graduated from mathematics with economics from University College London a few years back. Used to tutor younger students in math after I graduated. I'm very patient and kind. I have some free time now, before I start a master's course in September.

If interested, please feel free to drop me a text on watsapp: +852 64617135

Best wishes,


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koolwebby 3 yrs ago

I have passed several competitive exams earlier with a near perfect maths score. I finished up my post graduate studies from CUHK in HK. I have some spare time where in I can teach Maths right now. Please let me know if you need more information from me.

You can contact me on Whatsapp or call on: +852 6218 6133


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20071 3 yrs ago
My phone number is 9228 4878. WhatsApp me if you're interested math lessons. Cheers! Em :)

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shelag 3 yrs ago
Hi there,
I'm a university undergraduate majoring engineering. Currently a NET English teacher and do mathematics private tutoring. Have spare time in the summer and can help out with your boy.
Feel free to contact me at 55886148.

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