Vocal Coach/Singing Lesson Needed

Posted by Eliseip2010 7 yrs ago
I have been a terrible singer for my entire life, and I really want to improve it.
However, the coach who used to 'teach' me is terrible: she never taught anything related to singing technique, right way of breathing or the right posture. All she told me to do is to sing songs after songs, playing TENDER in the lesson that's all. I just can't stand I'm learning nothing while wasting money. So, I called it quit recently.

But I still want to better my singing skill. So could you guys tell me where can I find a vocal coach/singing teacher that is passionate to his/her job and can really benefit my singing skills? Thanks! :):):)

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RCD 7 yrs ago
Buy a chromatic tuner and practice holding A they G see if u can hold note

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RCD 7 yrs ago
A thru G

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DanJamesvoice85 6 yrs ago
Hey there!

I saw your post looking for singing teacher.
I am professional singer with over 16 years experience from solo contracts on cruise ships to TV shows and band singer around the world.
I have also been vocal coach for many students.
If your interested I'm in hk for a while so please don't hesitate to contact me.

HK- +852 5644 8557


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