Native Mandarin tutor wanted for adult

Posted by Confusedcup 6 yrs ago
I am looking for a Native Mandarin tutor who is fluent in English. Native Cantonese speakers are not wanted.
I am a Native English speaker who is looking for a Native Mandarin speaker who has spent time living in an English speaking country. The tutor must be able to translate English refrains like, ‘a blessing in disguise’, ‘I’m going to get my money’s worth’, and ‘don’t take your anger out on me’.

I primarily want to focus on writing diary entries and short essays on current affairs.

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mage 6 yrs ago
I would definitely recommend Rainbow Mandarin to anyone of any age who wants to learn Mandarin.

The trial lesson is free, and during this lesson the teacher wants to know your reasons for learning Mandarin and your interests and goals in learning Mandarin.

If you visit their website : you can find all about the Lessons.

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milcah 6 yrs ago
Hi! My name is Peiran. I was born and raised in China, lived in UK and the States. I moved to HK in 2015. I've had 11 years of experience in daily conversation translation as well as on stage/conference translation. I was a student tutor when I was studying in the States, and I mainly tutored Mandarin and some other subjects. My dream is to be a photographer, and I recently started my photography business, but it's going slow, so my schedule is flexible.
Here is my email

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Lydia Fischer 6 yrs ago
Check out Mandarin Time School, They are by far the best in HK!

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