Posted by daryl7372 6 yrs ago
Hi Everyone.
Now I am coming back to work in HK. My child was born there 15 yrs ago and I want to make sure she can get into a good school. We will live on Disco Bay and have been informed that Discovery Bay International school starts their school yr in August.

But my girl and her mother will be arriving at the end of 2018....so what choices do I have for a late starter in HK. Is the International school the best route - and is there any recommendations for an excellent school (paid or whatever is really, really good?).

I promised my child a great school and if I have to work to get her a good education there - then so be it. She is 15yrs old and in year 10 in Australia at the moment. But will be 16 in November.

Hope someone can recommend something to aim for.

Sincerely: Thanks in Advance: Daryl Lee

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michhln 6 yrs ago
Hi Daryl,

Applying to schools in HK can be a very complex process and one of the concerns in your daughter's case is that she will be applying from a different system. All the schools in HK that follow the local system or the international system (UK/US) will start their academic year in September, apart from the Australian International School which starts its academic year in mid to late January, which will fit with your daughter's arrival time and also probably be the best bet for your daughter for year 11 entry.

It will also be impossible to apply for international schools for year 11 entry if she is not already preparing for IGCSEs.

There are many options, but you will need to send in application forms as soon as possible. Generally speaking, applications need to be submitted by Sept- Nov, after which there are interviews, but your daughter's current academic year is following the Australian system, in which case I would recommend finding out if AIS will be the best for her in the interim, and discuss application for year 11, then you can reapply again for Year 12 at a different school if need be! http://www.aishk.edu.hk/application-information/

If you want to ask any further questions or later on you feel your daughter might need interview preparation/ entrance exam preparation, do feel free to email me at michelle.ng@empireeducation.com.hk
I run a bespoke tuition service called Empire Education, and my colleagues and I specialise in school exam entrance, public speaking and critical thinking. We tutor in a number of different subjects up to A-Level/ IB and also provide advice on schools and UK universities.

All the best!


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Greenpark 6 yrs ago
You may try good private schools or International Schools in Hong Kong. I would think Gov't local good schools are very selective indeed. My friend's daughter has found a good International School in Hong Kong through the company called Ely International Education Services Ltd.

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