Native English Tutor

Posted by JasmineK 6 yrs ago
Hi there, I am interested in providing my tutoring services to you. My whatsapp is 94939038

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Kinabalu 6 yrs ago
Hi, I am a professional private tutor with a B.A., Cert TESOL, and more than 25 years experience teaching young people and adults, in HK, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Iran, Vietnam, the UK, etc. I am also a professional WRITER with many credits to my name, as you will be able to see on my website.


I have a whole bunch of testimonials from students that I can send you, if you'd care to WA your email address to me at 6070-4538. Of course, I will also send you details about what and how I teach, the hourly rate, etc. Looking forward to hearing from you... Mr Green.

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julesjamieson852 6 yrs ago
Are you still looking for a native english tutor?

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channjessica 6 yrs ago
Hi! My name is Jessica, a native speaker from US. I am a highly qualified English teacher with a Masters degree in Education, TEFL (teaching English as a second language) certificate, Advanced Grammar Certificate, Grade 10 piano certificate (RCM), and a Bachelor degree in Communications. As for experience, I have worked in learning centers, Keen Mind Kindergarten (Kowloon Tong), and Kiangsu Chekiang College. I was also honoured to be invited as a guest speaker on a DJ talk show on RTHK where I shared my knowledge and insights on early childhood education.

Please feel free to contact me at 6689 6207 for further questions.

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