Maths Tutor required



Posted by deanleahk 21 mths ago
Can anyone suggest / recommend a Math tutor.
Needs to be able to teach to University entrance level.
Thanks for sharing.

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kairat 21 mths ago
Hello! My name is Kairat and I have been tutoring maths for 3+ years. I also teach math in an education centre. Please feel free to call or WhatsApp me at 5115 0407. Hope to work with you well. Thanks!!

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MichaelLiaw 21 mths ago

I'm offering tutoring in Math or English. I have taught in private and university settings as well as students from grade 5 up through adults. I was born in Taiwan, lived in Japan, US, and HK, and am mainly from Los Angeles. I speak and teach in English. I enjoy working with students not only to complete tasks but also to comprehend the process. It's such a joy to see a student understand or discover something new about the subject. I've also volunteer taught cooking, swing dancing, Bible, philosophy, and poetry, to name a few things about me. Hope to hear from you!

I have a BS degree in Math, and have worked with students in secondary schools to university non-Math majors.

You can reach me at +852 9867 1060.

Warm Regards,
Mike Liaw

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JameeHK 21 mths ago
Hi, my neighbour is teaching math at master degree level.
PM me for details.


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michaelh2018 21 mths ago
Hi, are you still looking for a University level math tutor? I have several tutors that I can recommend, feel free to PM me for details.

Best regards

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KevinT925 15 mths ago
Hi! My name is Kevin and I am Maths & Econ private Tutor for IB (HL/SL) & IGCSE programme. Also help with student’s Internal Assessment (IA) and other written reports.

I believe that students develop academically at a different pace. If you feel that you learn much faster or slower than your peers, I will help you reach your full potential through Focused teaching attention especially for the final Exam preps.

Attained 7 in Maths HL, 7 Physics HL, 6 Econ HL (Full mark 7).
Graduated 2:1 from The University of Hong Kong (HKU) major in Economics and Finance.

Rate is HKD 300 per hour for private/small classes (1-4 students).
FREE for first class (one hour)

Mobile & Whatsapp: +852 5476 7424 (Kevin)
Looking forward to seeing you in class!

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TeemoEet 14 mths ago
Hi, there is one good tutoring website I recommend to all my friends: You can choose a tutor from there by yourself. We were glad we chose them as the teaching quality is high and price is pretty fair. Our daughter is in middle school now but we're thinking of using this service till her graduation.

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