Japanese Teacher for Beginner private



Posted by Ted Lui 21 mths ago
I am looking for a Japanese teacher for beginner, adult. Lesson Time: afternoon or evening, 1.5 hours per time and twice a week.
Purpose: Traveling.
Venue: Wanchai

If interested, please whatsapp me 60-5678-09. Thanks.

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ameyom 19 mths ago
Are you still looking for a Japanese teacher?

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Suezz 19 mths ago
TED LUI - I do apologize for hijacking this post but I tried to find a way to PM AMEYOM but couldn't. So very sorry about this.

AMEYOM - Are you a Japanese speaker? If so, I am looking for a Japanese-English translator. If you are interested, pls let me know. Thanks!

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ameyom 18 mths ago
Hi Ted, I'm not a native speaker but fairly proficient and interested in translation more generally - what is it that you're interested in having translated?

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ameyom 18 mths ago
I mean Suezz, sorry! Feel free to whatsapp me also (51086482)

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