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Posted by CECHK 20 mths ago

I am looking for a native speaking mandarin tutor for myself (adult) to give lessons once a week or so at my home. I am at beginner level.

Please email me with your rates:

Thank you


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Datoe 17 mths ago
Colloquial Chinese / Putonghua, Your Private Tutor
• The sooner you understand Chinese, the easier to handle work and life. Start your Chinese from scratch with a 12 chapters combo for office environment, business negotiation and daily use
• A systematic approach to develop your intuition by
1) clearly demonstrating Putonghua phonemes and four tones at word level in special sessions
2) drilling Chinese grammar (e.g. conjunction, quantifiers, tense and sentence structure) with practical examples
• Cross-cultural context of language use is covered with vivid explanation throughout the course
• Customization of material and course module for individual needs is discussable*

About me
• Former Uni-lecturer, experienced in second language acquisition, learners includes American, British, Danish, French and Korean.
• MSc Linguistics, Edinburgh UK
• Level 1-Putonghua Proficiency Test, Native Mandarin
• CV upon request

* Courses are composed of three levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced. Choose your preferred module. Approximately 72 hours of lessons in total. Actual weeks needed may vary. Please contact me for the details. Thank you

Gary Wang, WhatsApp: 93397005

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