Startups for Kids - Metta's Young Innovators Camp

Posted by hongkongalice 6 yrs ago
We want to give kids the tools they need to analyse their surroundings, detect inefficiencies, and create realistic yet creative business ideas around the solutions they come up with.

Our Young Innovators Camp for kids age 8-12, will start October 27 and spread over 4 Saturdays.
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This series of workshops is run by Mettā ( and Nest (, who have been helping countless startups to success in Hong Kong and globally for the past few years and have played an active part in shaping and enabling innovators of the future.

We now feel that we will only be able to achieve real change, if we work with the younger generation and use all our combined knowledge to give them the tools to spot broken systems or inefficiencies and create the solutions to fix them.

With this in mind we are launching our Young Innovators Camp, a workshop that will cover team building, design thinking, prototyping, business model canvas, graphic design, pitch deck creating and finally pitch presentation on stage.

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