My German/Cantonese/Mandarin for your Japanese/Korean



Posted by KayCe 18 mths ago
Hello everyone,

my name is Karin Cheung and I am German born Chinese. I was born and raised in Germany, thus I am very fluent in German. Since my parents are from HK, I also speak Cantonese and Mandarin.

Growing up in Germany with a foreign background, it was not easy to adapt fully to the German language which is why I understand some of the struggles people are going through when learning German. With this experience I can explain and help you to improve your German skills. Also, I can tell you more about German life and culture, which is not necessarily mentioned in books.

It would be nice if you could teach me either Japanese or Korean since I am very interested in both of these cultures and I already have a solid basic of Japanese. Meanwhile I am a total beginner in the Korean language.

Feel free if you are interested or if you have any further questions.
We can have an occasional meet up and learn languages by having conversations, or using some text books. I also welcome any other learning methods and ideas.

Looking forward to any replies and to meeting you guys!

Best regards

Karin Cheung

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