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Posted by etang06 17 mths ago
I'm seeking a private mandarin tutor for one on one lessons.

As background, I learned Mandarin as a second language, with English being my native tongue. I have an intermediate level of Mandarin, meaning I spent a few months many years ago learning in China. I have been able to retain some reading and writing, however listening and speaking have deteriorated. My goal is focusing on improving my listening and overall vocabulary.

I seek a tutor who can provide the following:

1) Has experience teaching foreigners, particularly those who have an intermediate level of knowledge.
2) Brings ideas on how I should achieve my goal - what exercises to do, textbooks, what goals we should have in the short term and long term
3) Schedule flexibility is important. I am looking to do two sessions per week. These are the times and locations that work:

a) Weekday mornings: 7:30AM for 1.5 hours in Western district
b) Weekday lunch 12:00 - 1:30 at Kowloon station
c) Saturday & Sunday mornings: 1.5 hours 8AM in Western district

If you believe you can accommodate this schedule, please send me a message that includes your availability, rate and experience. You can reach me at 9669 0504.

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Ed 17 mths ago

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