Seeking Native English Tutor for 6 & 9 yo



Posted by MyBB 15 mths ago
I’m currently seeking a Native English Speaking tutor for both 6 & 9 year old.
They currently attend local school and hence would like to improve their literacy in English.
Reading, writing, listening and conversational English.

I would like a fun and interactive 2-3 hour session once every week so they can fully engage and only speak English, either Friday evenings or saturday afternoon.

Seeking someone that is kind and keen to see them improve under your guidance

Location: Yau Ma Tei

Please message me with your details and hourly rate.


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niceshirts97 15 mths ago
Hello, My name is Andrew Bailey from the USA
I live in Shatin close to Tai Wai. I would love to be a tutor for saturdays.
Please give me a call at 66268735
Cheers Andrew

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niceshirts97 15 mths ago
My email is

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stephanie.blake 15 mths ago
Hi there, I am a qualified native English teacher from the UK with a BA in Modern Languages and 15 years' experience teaching students of all ages (from toddlers to adults) in both London and Hong Kong. Please send me a message on 97510861 or drop me an email at and I would be more than happy to give you some more information about what I can offer. Thanks, Stephanie

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DaveHaslett 15 mths ago
Hi MH,

My name's Dave, and I'm a Canadian with a BA and MA in English. I have five years of experience teaching English to elementary, middle school, and university students in Asia and Canada. I'd be happy to tutor both your kids on Friday evenings for 400 HKD/hr.

Please email me at or find me on Whatsapp at 9587-6935!

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ycjeffyao 14 mths ago
Hi MH!

My name's Jeff, born in Taiwan but raised in Shanghai. I'm currently in my final year of the BA in Architectural Studies program at the University of Hong Kong. I attended the international school, Shanghai American School, up until coming to Hong Kong for university. Although this isn't my profession, I do have four years of teaching elementary students math , English, and Mandarin in both public and international schools. Saturday afternoons would be perfect for me!

You can reach me at either, or through Whatsapp 6695-6967.

Best regards,

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