To our adults, what do u think about Hong Kong's educational system



Posted by PrachiLomde 13 mths ago
I am a Form 3 student studying in Kowloon City.

Students encountered many pressures like dictations, quiz, tons of homework etc. Our brains have been filled with so many information in a day just sitting in a classroom, we all feels tired after a busy day and we often get scolded because of the academic result .

Hong Kong parents always think that student should do nothing but studying, but some of them are more crazy, giving them so many extra curricular activities making students feel jaded after school.

In secondary school, students will divided into classes sorting by result of exams, and the students in the worse classes are tagged in 'Naughty boys or Lazy boys' and they don't have same amount of resources with the better classes

As a student, I think Hong Kong's education is more like a factory producing working robots for the society more than giving students a chance for reaching their potential or doing they hobbies.

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bananaq 13 mths ago
yes you are correct and i feel what you are going through. learning from school nowadyas is about passing the exams but at the end of the day you learn nothing.

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