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Posted by fionapang10 11 mths ago
Hi, I'm looking for a Native English Teacher for my P.2 kid. Prefer interactive way of teaching all-round English. We live in Siu Sai Wan (Eastern part of HK Island) and prefer the lesson on Tue, Wed or Thur afternoon.

Please inbox me if you are interested, thanks a lot!

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TommyWildman 11 mths ago
I am a NET teacher at a primary school and have plenty of experience of P2 students. I am available to teach weekday afternoons from 1st June 2019.
Please whatsapp me on +85255194266 for more information and a self introduction video.


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TheEnglishTeacher 11 mths ago
Hello Fiona,

My name is Mr David, the English teacher in Hong Kong.
I have been teaching English for over 10 years in Hong Kong and I used to have my own learning centre in Sai Wan Ho which I successfully sold in 2016. I specifically teach primary school students and young adults. My classes are always highly interactive and a whole lot of fun. Fun? As fun as fun gets. We play board games, card games, spelling games, word games, phonics games, fun guided writing and lots more. Many of my students tell me that they also like my classes because my drawings on the whiteboard are funny. A very important part when it comes to being a teacher is to keep the fun in the lesson, even on the whiteboard, wouldn't you agree?
I also feel that I'm extremely effective in teaching phonics to kids and I now also have a course where I teach mothers how to teach their kids phonics. Anyone can do it and so can you. As long as you know how.

Please note: "Not everyone is my student."

I'm different.
I teach differently
and more specifically,
I teach kids and adults,
to prepare themselves for life.
Some say I'm an English teacher and life coach.
All my students are burning with curiosity,
lifelong learners.
And I want them to be.
Therefore I select my students.

I motivate you and push you
so that you will improve.
Keeping you
where you are right now
is just a waste
of your time, my time and your money.
I don't command doing homework
but I provide optional meaningful practice
outside of the classroom.

Learn from the best,
to become
the best version of yourself,
every day again.

-Mr David, founder and teacher | The English Teacher Ltd.
M. 94276845 ( ... I don't have Whatsapp, so please call)

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stephanie.blake 10 mths ago
Hi there, I am a qualified native English teacher from the UK with a BA in Modern Languages and 15 years' experience teaching students of all ages (from toddlers to adults) in both London and Hong Kong. Please send me a message on 97510861 or drop me an email at and I would be more than happy to give you some more information about what I can offer. Thanks, Stephanie

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