Why Is My Child Lying?



Posted by Ed 10 mths ago
By Christian L. Hart Ph.D. on June 14, 2019 in The Nature of Deception

All children eventually learn to lie, but the socialization they are exposed to at home and at school appears to influence the degree to which they try to deceive others.

Children lie.

When, how, and why do they develop this unpleasant habit? There is a considerable amount of evidence suggesting that most children first begin to lie around the ages of two or three. Anyone who has been around young little liars know that they aren’t particularly skillful deceivers at that age.

Their lies are far-fetched, inconsistent with the evidence, or change dramatically over time. While they seem to understand the concept of planting a false belief in another’s mind, they just haven’t yet figured out the best ways to execute the dishonesty.


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shirley1ee 10 mths ago
I think you are right.

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