Children of Asia’s Elite Leaving Home Earlier Than Ever

Posted by Ed 11 mths ago
  • More global students attending private middle schools in U.S.
  • ‘Junior’ boarding schools can charge up to $74,000 a year

Philip Tsuei was just 12 years old when his parents sent him 7,000 miles from home to attend middle school in the hills of western Massachusetts.

“It was pure dread,” said Tsuei, now 23. “It was like I was sentenced to death. I just counted down the days.”

Still, he knew it was his “duty” to study at all-boys Eaglebrook School in Deerfield. His brother also matriculated there as part of what Tsuei, who hails from Taiwan, described as the first step in preparing for the college-admissions sweepstakes.

Wealthy Asian families have long viewed U.S. universities as a golden ticket to help ensure their children’s futures, but a growing number are looking to get an early edge on the competition. More and more families, increasingly from China, are sending their kids across the Pacific to attend “junior” boarding schools.
While few in number, these exclusive middle schools -- which can charge as much as $74,000 a year -- offer a potential route into top private high schools that feed the most prestigious universities.

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