Teaching English in HK

Posted by mungjiji 53 days ago
I am thinking of doing some form of teaching English instead of my current job which is burning me out. Its a sort of a wind down my career type of job that I am looking for. i.e flexible, enjoyable, not too much stress and pays a little something so that I can continue to have a little income. My current job is nothing to do with teaching or English. So I am looking for pointers as to how I might find something.

I know that there are on-line English teaching platforms such as VIP kids. This could actually be quite well suited for me, but the pay is extreamely extreamely low.

Does anyone know what the zillion of kids language centres look for? Do they generally require their tutors any specific qualifications (e.g. CELTA/TESOL) - I don't have any but my strength is my conversational English as I speak as a native English person. Would age be something that these type of language centres place a great deal of emphasis on? The observation I had when taking my daughter to these places for classes is that the tutors are generally very young.

I could quite easily teach conversational English to adults too, but just don't where to start looking for something like this. (I have tried looking at the British Council's website but no luck - any experiences anyone could share about working at the British Council or jobs there would be much appreciated).

Another out of the box idea I had was doing English subtitles for Chinese movies/programmes - I am fluent (to native standard) in both spoken Chinese (Cantonese) and English, but don't read or write Chinese. I very often see very poor English subtitles when watching local stuff and always think that I could do a much better job - but again, have no idea where to start looking for part time or freelance work like that.

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