Looking for a Female Cantonese Tutor

Posted by hummingbird2015 2 yrs ago
Looking for a part-time Hong Kong dialect Cantonese private tutor

American expat looking for a part-time Hong Kong dialect private tutor

1. Leisure people/students (female preferred)
2. Standard hourly earnings (bonus for good performance)
3. Time negotiable: 8pm-10pm or other time slots 2-3 times a week
4. Communication in English or Chinese (English preferred)

Please contact if interested! thanks. . .

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Erica1234 2 yrs ago
This is cantonese tutor. I m a female. I can teach very well n patiently.Having 10 years teaching experience. Learning Cantonese can be fun. Please WhatsApp at 6573 0831

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doroli 2 yrs ago
hey there, I m a female exp tutor teaching Cantonese to Non-Chinese Speakers. If u haven't find a tutor yet, may email me

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