Super Mondays 241 Dinner!



Posted by Ed 10 mths ago
Book a table now


Ed 8 mths ago
Sorry just realized it is a public holiday in Hong Kong so Super Mondays is not valid.

However you can try calling restaurants to see if they will still honour the promotion.

Ed 7 mths ago
Book now!

RR 7 mths ago
Where can I find the list of the participating restaurants for Super Mondays?

Ed 7 mths ago

Make sure you don't have ad blocking turned on or you won't be able to see the list

Ed 6 mths ago
Book your table for this evening

Ed 5 mths ago
Mondays are good days....

Ed 5 mths ago
The T10 is Over... Super Mondays is ON!

Ed 4 mths ago
Book a Table for Tonight

Ed 3 mths ago
Book your table for tonight!

Ed 3 mths ago
And tonight again!

Ed 2 mths ago

Ed 42 days ago
I trust everyone has had a great holiday. And now that everyone is back in Hong Kong it's time to start the year right with a booking for Super Mondays 241 Dinner - get in touch with friends and organize a table

Ed 7 days ago

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