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Hud Hud Travels is Oman’s leading provider of private luxury camps, expeditions and events. Our team has many years practical experience of travel and hospitality, working with the military and leading group adventures.

We’re proud to bring our unique blend of top-notch service, high-level comfort and laid-back style to breathtaking locations. We’re committed to sustainability and ensure our tented journeys have the minimal negative impact on the environment we love.

With Hud Hud you can combine a stay at one of Muscat’s vibrant hotels with a foray into Northern Oman, setting up camp in both the mountains and the desert. Alternatively, allow us to take you to the most remote corners with a truly bespoke experience.





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Secrets from the Empty Quarter

I saw smoke swirling in the distance two Thursday mornings ago, as I stepped out of my hotel in Muscat, Oman to begin my morning run. Maybe it’s frankincense, I thought, and imagined all the magic that awaited me during my road trip around the Sultanate.

But magic was the last thing the aroma that soon flooded my sinus cavity evoked. Someone nearby, it seemed, had decided to burn their plastic waste. I did my best to avoid respiring until the air cleared, and simultaneously picked up my pace. I’d soon be at the Corniche, where I’d watched the sun go down just hours earlier.

Realistically, the chorus of howls and barks began in the same moment the pack of wild dogs appeared in my path, though in my frenzied mind the feral beasts sang their song to warn me. Still paranoid thanks to the threat of rabies that had loomed over my August trip to Mongolia, I did an immediate about-face, retreating back through the hydrocarbon haze.

Had my decision to finally visit Oman, after two aborted trips over the course of the previous five years, been a mistake?


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A hidden village carved into a cliff

For more than 500 years, a remote tribe has lived suspended on a cliff-side in the mountains of Oman.


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Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort:



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