Student Visa for Helper to study in Australia



Posted by Pokfulam Mum 11 yrs ago
Has anyone had any luck with getting a student visa for their Helper to allow them to study in Australia?

I understand they can study a vocational course such as beauty therapy or hairdressing, however, also understand they need to pass the IELTS test (English Language Test) as a pre-requisite to apply for a student visa.

Just looking at options to see if there is a win win way of getting your Helper into Australia. E.g. Helper gets to study, but can still work 20 hours and therefore do babysitting for our family.

Any tips, ideas appreciated.



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Louread 5 yrs ago
Hi Jules,
Wondering if you had any luck with this? Would love to do the same for our helper in a few years time..

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asiaXdreamy 5 yrs ago
Getting helper to OVERSEAS course with application of foreign countries' visa is out of the employer's purview through the application.

The helpers should apply on their own with detailed proof and need, and normally such circumstances do not substantiate a need for granting such type of visa , especially by those countries with strict immigration policy.

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