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Posted by darrenfrew 6 yrs ago

We have found a Domestic Helper who we want to hire/sponsor and have gone through the process of completing all the contracts and relevant paperwork. The helper is from the Philippines and when she went to the consulate yesterday she was told that we needed to apply through an Agency, I presumed that we could do everything directly. I think the problem might be that she is breaking her contract. Has anyone had experience of this or does anyone know if this can be done without an Agency?

Thanks in advance,


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punter 6 yrs ago
That's correct. You can't process an employment contract without an agency. The exception I think is for a contract renewal.

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maxis 6 yrs ago
almost correct.

The following is possible I know for Filipina helpers, as I did this a year ago.

If you are taking over a helper whose contract has been validly terminated, for example the previous employer has to leave HK for valid reason like contract terminated or something like that, then you can process a new contract withkut an agent.

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paulveyne 6 yrs ago
Hi Everyone,

I just moved to HK from Vietnam and our Filipino helper is waiting in Vietnam to join us. If I want to process her employment contract and visa, do I have also to go though an agency or does she can enter the country (with a 14 days tourism visa) and go to the Filipino Consulate / HK immigration (?) to request the employment visa

I have been reading on the web but I doesn't clearly understand the process

Thanks for your help

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hkwatcher 6 yrs ago
If you bring her to HK as a tourist, it may go against you. There is a record when someone goes through Immigration and both the HK Gov and Phils govt will ask questions about WHY this person came to HK as a tourist and is now applying for a DH visa. This is not in your best interests to bring this girl here. Go through the proper channels of it will make a loooong delay for your papers and contracts to be processed while they decide if you had her work illegally.

The process goes like this

You sign the contract and provide the proper documentation as required by HK


She signs the contract and provides the proper documentation as required by both the HK govt and Phils govt. The agent will guide you on this.

The agent process it through Phils consulate and HK immigration. The visa is sent to Phils and the girl then has MORE steps to complete for processing. Then the ticket is booked. It takes about 2 or 2.5 months. It will cost about HK$6000 plus air ticket.

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asiaXdreamy 6 yrs ago
Someone wished to go through improper channel and at the end created bad record for her own with longer time and cost.

Lesson learnt.

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bhok27 6 yrs ago
If first timer in H.k you have to undergo through agency its a mandatory.

The helper need to complete all the requirements in the Phils.like OWWA,TEsda training,PDO's and medical and wait the visa there,yes the processing takes 6-8 weeks.

But it can make shorter if the employer will keep on follow up the application,once the reference number already came out its easily to follow up the agent knows that.

There's a terminated helper can process here in H.K (no agency)

Relocation of employer,death of employer and financial problem NO other than that.

Hope this helps.

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lycheeandmango 5 yrs ago
Hi - I'm looking for an agency to process on the visa for a Filipino helper. The Helper-in Agency seems to have disappeared. I would appreciate any help on suggesting a good and honest agency who can process the visa.

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Ed 5 yrs ago
You can ring the AsiaXPAT office for assistance 2815 2520

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