Helper Agency Fees - Rejected Application

Posted by rb73 6 yrs ago
If our helper visa was rejected by Hong Kong immigration before she has ever worked for us, can we get the fee back from our agent?
If not, what about if it was rejected because the agent forgot to properly handle a letter from immigration in a timely manner?

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asiaXdreamy 6 yrs ago
Talked with your agent on the reason. Probably because the helper has adverse record as Immigration recently would impose stringent control on employees with adverse background or suspicious "job changing" . They would not give prior warning but would reject the immigration when the helper enters HK again.

Maybe your agent has not exercised due diligence in conducting background check on your next employee.

By the way, next time, the most efficient way to obtain advice ( rather than just listen to the agent with intend to earn your commission) by seeking verbal reference from previous employer. If by whatever reason you cannot obtain it, you may seriously reconsider.

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rb73 6 yrs ago
So you can get the money back if and only if you can prove that the agent has not done their job?

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asiaXdreamy 6 yrs ago
It depends on whether the agent also introduce that helper to you or just do the processing. And how did you agree on the fee arrangement.

Good luck. Normally in your case you can ask them for remedial financial or replacement arrangement.

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