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Posted by Ivychan1 5 yrs ago
My Philippines helper went on vacation for two weeks but didn't return, what should I do and how could I find her? Her phone is disconnected and her Facebook account deactivated one day after I messaged her.

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Greene King 5 yrs ago

You need to send her via registered post notice that she has not worked since 'X Feb 2015' and that you will therefore be terminating her employment. send to your home and of course do not sign for the letter! When you have confirmation of non delivery contact Immigration with this confirmation and let them know you do not know her location.You in theory need to still pay her flight home, perhaps mention this in the letter. Remember that both Immigration and Labour Departments could become involved so by sending the letter you can hopefully confirm she has broken her contract. You may also consider filing with the police a missing person notice.

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Ivychan1 5 yrs ago
Thanks very much Greene! Do you think philippines consulate would need to be engaged or will they provide any assistance in finding her?

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Greene King 5 yrs ago

You could of course also report to the Consulate and also the employment agency if you wish but I'd suggest these are secondary priorities.

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asiaXdreamy 5 yrs ago

First, Greene King has already spelt out the valuable experience and necessary steps, just to re-cap again with some points to note...

Report to Immigration for the helper has departed and not completed the required obligations according to the
contract and condition of stays, requested for blacklisting and onward scrutiny of future arrivals in Hong Kong for doubtful visiting. Probably ended with automatic deportation upon next arrival or interception for further follow up. My friend received a call to follow up this kind of leaving when the girl arrived again.

Report to Labour Department for the helper has not fulfilled the obligations (at least, without notice and payment in lieu) for ending a labour contract and your rights will be reserved whenever this guy is located and when her next employment starts in Hong Kong.

Report to Police for missing person and suspected loss of property, if any ( please check, and any person leaving without notification with a hope for no follow up might be a silly act)

Report to Consulate for such act and it is also for them to consider further granting visitor or working permits here or to another country as this would bring disrepute to their own country.

File the incident to possible next stops , e.g. US/Canada/EU, their immigration authorities are keen to know any persons with adverse record to prevent occurrence in their own countries, especially for social welfare and security interests when there is blooming influx of persons with unknown background .

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