Elder Sister and Young Brother with blonde curly hair unattended in Victoria Park around 5 to 6 pm

Posted by asiaXdreamy 6 yrs ago
While jogging in Victoria Park today around 5.30 to 6.15 pm, a group of crowd was formed around a pair of "elder sister (around 7) and young brother (around 5) with blonde and curly hair" who were unattended and crying for at least 10 minutes and many pedestrians stopped by and took a look including one Indian female.

The scene was scary as the children were crying without guardian/adult accompanying. Finally , a helper was located and claimed that she had just arrived the scene with the children (so that there was nothing to be shocked) but the pedestrians pointed out that they had witnessed the children crying for at least 10 minutes and she should not walk away without taking due care of them.

Some said that it was not the first time for these Children......What's the responsibility of a caretaker? Legally it is not allowed in Hong Kong. Put the law book aside, morally , as a caretaker, "really care" is the baseline requirement. Such basic is not for a helper, but even for a grown-up.

Anyone living around the Victoria Park? Please help stopping such irresponsible act by showing care and report to authority if happen again.

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momforlife 6 yrs ago
I guess you posted this to find the parents/ guardian. I will do the same and I appreciate your effort. Hopefully the parents will find it out.

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