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Posted by hkwatcher 5 yrs ago
What if there was an organization of placement agencies similar to the HK tourist association?
These member agencies would agreed to uphold the labour laws of HK toward the employer and employee to the best of their ability.
Would you have confidence to use that agency more than one who was not a member of this type of organization?

Would this then affect the treatment of helpers at the hands of employers? For example long working hours, not enough food or being charged by employer for food.

It seems to me that this type of organization could become a platform to address issues on both sides with the respective authorities. For example borrowing money and running away when they can not repay. Questions about equal and fair treatment on both sides. A measure of transparency about how the hiring and firing process is settled so as not to have a helper sent out in the middle of the night rather make the agent be the witness that proper payment is made.

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asiaXdreamy 5 yrs ago
Sounds great if the transaction cost /commission is low and chargeable to both employers and employees, not to only charge on employers as both sides wanna seek protection and credit.

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