Helper jailed for 5 months for hurting employer's kids

Posted by asiaXdreamy 5 yrs ago
An Indonesian domestic worker has been given a five-month jail term after she was found guilty of abusing her employers’ children.

Adriana Marsalina, 38, was found guilty of seven counts of child abuse at Kowloon City Magistrates’ Courts.

A security camera caught Marsalina hitting her employers’ two children, a four-year-old girl and a two-year-old boy, at their home from February 11 to 17.

The court heard that the children had been slapped in the face by Marsalina. The girl was struck 12 times in three days and the boy 14 times.

Helper denied all 7 charges and claimed that she was teaching the kids, as they behaved not well in eating. Defence claimed that the wound is minor and not likely to be repeat offender again as she willnot be allowed to work in HK again.

The court rejected all claims since the victims could not defend themselves and custodial sentence had to serve to reflect the seriousness of the crime as she was only the trusted adult at home to look after the children who warrant appropriate care. Such violence not only disappointed the expectation of employer but also shaded the childhood of innocent kids.

Majority of helpers are good but this case marked the necessity to monitor your helpers esespecially those newly arrived at your home. Sometimes, taking this as example, they would find ways to finish the job rather then how to get the job done better. Simply becausethe kids were eating slowly made helpers feel they had to work longer and the innocent kids became the subjects to blame.

This is not about the ethnic as a child minder, but the ethnic about humanity.

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indiaboy 5 yrs ago
Well there is everywhere in hk an open trend to a sex free culture in hk. Its not just the domestic helpers its also others as well.
So come back to DH, as the book said where have the demand there have the supply. DH in hk they never actually force any axpats or employers to have sex with them.
Its the guys who are wishing for something wild fun which their wifes are unable to give them or else what.
Thus the bottom line is it is wrong to blame the DH for all the things mentioned in this post. Although they are human too and they also have sex apeal. lol

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asiaXdreamy 5 yrs ago
There is no blaming from reading the articles, but the readers can observe the phenomenon in reality.

Fact talks for itself.

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