Will they grant me a dependent visa?

Posted by Greene King 5 yrs ago

As no one has replied yet let me kick this one off and maybe others more knowledgeable than me can assist...

I am not a lawyer but I do know that if you do not have right of abode you need to have a visa of some sort or an entry permit to be in HK legally, After your FDH visa expires you will have to leave HK within two weeks if you do not have an alternative visa or a new FDH visa, you can't just stay here.

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Greene King 5 yrs ago

Yes, don't see why not although you would not terminate and apply for dependent visa until you are married. Another route to consider is maybe getting married here at a small ceremony before the current FDH visa ends and still having a big ceremony at home?

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mrcynic 5 yrs ago
I wouldn't worry too much about what random people say as they probably don't know the real answer and are trying to scare you (your friends may even be jealous); Imm Dept know the answer so always best to ask them.
You are on a DH contract and there is nothing that forbids you from falling in love with your employer and deciding to marry him; Imm Dept just want to know it is a genuine relationship and not just something to get round a visa problem. Proof of the wedding arrangements should take care of that quite easily. Simply approaching Imm Dept to ask should give you the best answer.
There are many people who have come up against a similar situation as yours. Worst case scenario is that you may have to return to Philippines for a short while and then return on a Visitor Visa which can then be extended until the wedding or when you go there for the wedding.

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indiaboy 5 yrs ago

As long as i know you cannot change your status while you are on the contract working here.
Its very clearly written on the contract that on which status you are residing in hk you cannot change it while you apply for the visa.
However what you can do you renew your contract this October and just break the contract before you guys go for marriage.
Re apply the new status after confirmed your marriage and documents.
Hopefully within 5-6 weeks you got a reply from Immigration Dept.


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