This is the way I operate (Helpers please READ)

Posted by swedenblues 5 yrs ago
A few weeks ago, just days after Xmas, my gf tried to post an ad here on the domestic help "part time" section.

She received various replies, the usual guy asking for "a little extra if he pay more" (can't avoid perverts I guess) but what caught the attention and let me literally shout "WTF!" is the following exchange of messages: (if it says "Imgur is over capacity!" please reload or try later)

It's 2016...I guess it's time we put an end to this kind of attitude of "Me-Master, you-slave".

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Yaumi37 4 yrs ago
I encountered this kind of people too.
Just like a hungry wolf, very eager on me to go on there cage but they'll fail to tell what's my job and hourly rate is.

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