Employing Hong Kong born driver



Posted by MyCars 4 yrs ago
Has anyone experience of employing a local hong kong driver? I don't speak Cantonese, but for the legalities I would prefer to hire a local, not an overseas born Domestic Helper.

I would guess the salary would be 15-20k per month, which is basically what a taxi driver would earn.

I know there are many who employ a driver as a DH, usually males, then they do the driving. As I already have 2 helpers, I would need the driver to have their own legal residence, which for foreigner is not possible.

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scorpio01 4 yrs ago
good luck in finding someone who isn't cocky.

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hkmoon 4 yrs ago
contact me!

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heavenz 4 yrs ago
Any help?

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lagrue 3 yrs ago
So local born drivers speak English along a spectrum. Some are quite good, others are no English at all. The price range you quoted is right, but I know some are on up to 22K a month. HK island tends to be more expensive. Plus you need to give them 13 months salary (i.e. come Chinese New Year, you need to stump up with 2 months pay for the month of say, February).

They are good because they know the roads really, really well. Also great with car maintenance. Also can negotiate their way out of minor prangs with other local folk. Massive difference between local driver and DH driver in these regards.

Like any other profession, there are the fantastic, the hopeless and the average joes.

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lagrue 3 yrs ago
Oh yes, also need to pay MPF

Once you factor in all the costs, I find that employing a local driver works out about the same as a DH driver (don't need to provide food, housing, contract via agencies, flights home ect)

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hkmoon 3 yrs ago
Great information by LAGRUE.

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