Posted by silvic84 4 yrs ago
Hi, I wonder if you know what its the process for hiring an indian helper from goa, india.
She is now living there and worked in HK as a domestic helper before but she went back because her daughter got married/ had baby.
Do you know if there is an agency to do this? or its relatively straight forward to the process by myself?
Thank you

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Herbasia 4 yrs ago
Hi you want hire indian helper?
Or you want to know how to process?
Message me ..

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rs2000 4 yrs ago
that's not correct
hundreds of indian helpers in HK and you can see ads on this wbsite too

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Ed 4 yrs ago
You can search for an Indian domestic helper in Hong Kong on this site 

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ABSN 4 yrs ago
Hi, this link gives you all the details and how to go about it.
Yes you can hire a helper from India or an Indian helper who is working in Hong Kong. I have done that in the past. The process is fairly straight forward as far as you have all the documentation and minimum regular income/adequate bank balance.

Some shoddy recruitment agencies as well as freelance helper cum recruiters would try to tell you that it is too complicated either to make money off you or palm of a relative/a friend or a serial contract breaker. However, most helpers who come and work in HK are good and are willing to learn.
You have to interview well and be clear with what is important to you, try them out to see their working style and CHECK THE REFERENCES (do not skip this part at any cost) and be patient with the one you eventually hire so that they have time to learn/adapt to your work. Finding a suitable helper is not very easy though and it is purely luck when you are hiring from overseas.

Hope this helps.


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