recommendations for agencies for srilankan, nepali, indian helpers

Posted by bsc1280 4 yrs ago
Hi all,

I am SAHM and have 3 young kids. Can you please recommend some agencies for Nepali, Indian, Sri Lankan helper.
or if you know someone, pls let me know

I have already searched here and on other expat forums and haven't comes across a suitable one.

will really appreciate your help here

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bsc1280 4 yrs ago
hello.............any tips guys.........

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ryanhunt 4 yrs ago
I am interested in this too, if anyone knows how to find a Nepali helper.

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Pozzy 4 yrs ago
i am also interested in finding this out, seems unusually difficult to find an agency who has any

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suki13 4 yrs ago
hi.. i can help if you still looking for a nepali - indian domestic helper. lemme know. its my own sister who is looking for a nice home to apply as a domestic helper. she is in nepal atm buh has an indian passport.

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