syphilis infection..helper....

Posted by rs2000 4 yrs ago
Hi All,

We are in the middle of processing the visa for an overseas helper. Her agency got the medical checkup and it turns out that she has syphilis infection

(VDRL test -ve, T.P.P.A test +ve).

Now I did some research and am aware that this is STD and risk via other methods is limited. However she is going to be cooking and feedking my baby. There might be a remote change the infection might transfer if she and the other person have open sores.
Syphilis can be treated with antiobiotics and she says she has finished the course. The agency is saying that the T.P.P.A test will however remain +ve even if she is free of infection right now (which is something i dont understand).

The agency has asked me I could replace this one and find another but that means that I will be without helper for a month. which is again a hassle.

Please give your inpus on what I shall do


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asiaXdreamy 4 yrs ago
You spelt out your worry.

That could be serious and fatal virus in certain cases. Why bother to test the possibilities?

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rs2000 4 yrs ago
the thing is that I have already sponsored the visa and its going to be processed. I will have to start all over again and wait another 2 months without a that's why I am thinking.......

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asiaXdreamy 4 yrs ago
Just simply think what if u continue to.hire this one for your convenience, and what is the possible outcome , can u take the risk or afford so?

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sunshine929 4 yrs ago
An inconvenience but the safety of your baby. Is it a helper who is already in hk? Chance is.she. might catch it again .

YOU must write a detailed letter to immigration about this and give them all the documents. Explain that you have a new born baby. Do not leave an agency to do it for you. Write a letter pleading with immigration to fast track your application.

I had a.bad.experience with a helper...and had to apply for a new one. Immigration phones me up and told me I had expedited approval. This was about less than a week for issue of visa after all documents went in. Immigration can help you but you need to length.

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