Required to pay for luggage, return passage

Posted by MichelleL 4 yrs ago
For important reasons I would rather not get into, we fired a helper after her first day at work. She was on a highly paid contract so she was getting $$$ for one day's worth of work. We have paid her return fare home but without a luggage allowance. She claims she is entitled to luggage. I do not see any IMMD guidance on that and the contract is silent. Normally we would pay for luggage, but in this case we only want to do the minimal out of the principle of it. So I am wondering what the minimum requirement is. If we are required to provide luggage, is there weight guidance?

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asiaXdreamy 4 yrs ago
No need for luggage, just free passage to place of origin plus food allowance for 1 day of travel , that is $100

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MichelleL 4 yrs ago
Thank you for the reply. I also called the Department of Labor and confirmed that luggage is not part of the definition of "free passage".

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