Numbness: Is it real?

Posted by cats 4 yrs ago
Dear Asia Expat Readers,

Question? I have been told that domestic helpers use a common excuse of "numbness in extremities" as a health complaint.
According to sources, this is being used to get drugs from the overburdened medical system, received from duties and compensation from employers. Can anyone advise?

Many thanks!

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hkwatcher 4 yrs ago
It is called Pasma. For example, if you use an iron with heat to iron clothes followed by washing clothes in cold water, it will cause this condition . I have heard it spoken of for many years now. A common ailment for a Filipino, but in reality considered folk medicine.
There are no drugs to treat it except asprin type arthritis type pills or ointment.
As an employer let them decide when to iron or hand wash so as not not have this problem. As long as the work is done, how important is it to have it done exaclty in the order you command?

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sogreensofluffy 3 yrs ago
That's a pity. Some people do genuinely have 'numbness in extremities'. There are no drugs for that. Just do nothing. If gets worse and worse, the family doctor would refer her to see a neurologist. That is quite expensive and investigative tests may need to be conducted, like the nerve conduction tests. Blood tests may be needed. They cost a few thousand. I would be surprised if they "just get drugs" because for this particular condition, the doctor just doesn't know what drugs to prescribe unless the doctor can determine what the problem is.

I have been told that some domestic helpers discuss how to prank their bosses among them on Sundays and carry out those plans during the week. It is sad that their stress levels are so high that they need to do this. I would suggest that the Hong Kongie employers bully the helpers less and cut out some unreasonable demands, leave her alone when she is having rest-time instead of just using her all round the clock.

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sogreensofluffy 3 yrs ago
If the numbness really is that bad, it might come out in one of the 'nerve conduction tests'. The doctor might discover that there's a big nerve damage somewhere in the body.

In that case then it's real.

Sometimes the body feels very very numb but it is still not detected in a 'nerve conduction test'. It is not to say that the patient has been lying.

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bananaq 3 yrs ago
Dear Cats,
Why dont you try to become a domestic helper for a week and see if it is true. Just a recommendation.

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