What to pay DH Driver?

Posted by kitty_london 4 yrs ago
We're thinking about getting a driver at the start of next school year. Just wondering what's the bottom and top end of the pay scale for a DH driver? thanks!

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mdap 4 yrs ago
As long as your existing FDH has a HK driving licence, they can drive for you;

Q36:My FDH has special permission to perform driving duties. Can he/she drive me to and from the office daily?
No. Special permission for an FDH to perform driving duties is given on the basis that the driving duties are incidental to and arising from any of the five broad categories of domestic duties, namely household chores, cooking, baby-sitting, child-minding and looking after aged persons in the household.
Q37:My FDH has special permission to perform driving duties. Can I ask him/her to drive my friends/visitors from overseas to have sightseeing tours in Hong Kong?
No. Please see A35. The situation described above falls outside the scope of domestic duties mentioned.
Q38:The FDH that I am going to employ is currently holding an international driving licence. Can I apply for special permission for him/her to perform driving duties before he/she can obtain a Hong Kong driving licence after arrival?
No. An FDH must be in possession of a valid Hong Kong driving licence at the time of application for special permission to perform driving duties.

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kitty_london 4 yrs ago
Hi, we're uptodate on the rules for hiring FDH drivers, just looking to get an idea of what salary range is usual? We're thinking of paying hkd10K a month. Is that within normal range do you think for live-in FDH driver performing driving duties incidental to domestic duties such as childcare?

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mdap 4 yrs ago
Many of them are asking 15/20k a month ... We have two dedicated drivers and pay one 18 and the other 25

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Ed 3 yrs ago

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Lunaho1190 3 yrs ago
My friend paid 12k for a DH driver, i guess the range of scale is 12k - 16k

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lagrue 3 yrs ago
Most people I know pay DH 9-11K per month (no 13th month). For local driver 15-17K per month plus 13 month.

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