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Posted by aprajita 3 yrs ago

My maid has a 2 year contract with with started from September 2016.

I gave her 9 days of holidays in January 2017, and I bought her round-trip air ticket to visit her children in Philippines , with NO Deduction in salary.

Now my query is as follows:

I plan to go on vacation for 2 weeks in December. And will again give the helper vacations, do I need to buy her ticket again to visit her children in Philippines
can I give her paid vacation and she sponsors her visit to Philippines on her own, as I will still be paying her full salary.

My Query is :

When I am giving paid vacations
a) Am i still supposed to pay for her stay in Hong Kong ?
b) As I have already given her a round trip ticket in Jan 2017. Am i still supposed to pay for her Visiting her family in Philippines ?


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jhalmz 3 yrs ago
According to contract, domestic helper only have PAID vacation leave + ticket AFTER finishing their contract.
If you are going vacation of course she has to stay on your place with pay and food allowance.

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